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Affordable product illustrations: tight concept sketches for presentation

I’ve been a professional illustrator for over 20 years and have completed many projects for advertising, consumer packaging, and toy & game companies such as Hasbro, Mattel, Spin Master and Lego. I work with inventors to create affordable concept illustrations of their idea for pitches, presentations and to use on sell sheets in the absence of a prototype photo or 3D rendering. 

Please see the samples below as examples of rendering quality: tight digital sketch with or without color, in your choice of fun cartoon style or realistic storyboard style. I use a combination of hand drawn sketch and digital vector illustration to render the product with a clean, slick appearance and a quick & easy “read”.

Key features:

  • Optional cartoony “toy box" characters, or realistic people illustrations (advertising storyboard style) interacting with your product.
  • Clean vector technical illustration of your product, for a quick "read".
  • Sketch artwork in black & white line, grayscale or added color, shading and highlights.
  • Logo design, character design and full color finished illustrations for production available.

Stand out from the crowd -- with a bold & dynamic sell sheet!

My years of industry experience with the visual language of product packaging, logo design and advertising inform my sell sheet design work: bold, concise and direct - with striking colors, eye-catching layouts and fun, illustrative font styling!  (See the presentation mockups below, and please take a look at my Toys, Games & Packaging page and other links on this site for an assortment of my past work). 

Motion Graphics & Animation!

Consider adding a simple animated video or looping animated GIF (as in the samples below) to your presentation! Please take a look at the collection of fun and lively animations on my Animated GIFs page. Whether it's motion graphics (animation of non-character items such as a logo, product parts or objects) or character animation - I can help.

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I welcome all inquiries; please reach out and let's discuss your project –
(917) 686-0861

See my interview with Stephen Key!

I was absolutely honored to be interviewed in January 2020 by Stephen Key for inventRightTV, and we had a great talk!  I go into some detail about my background and process; I believe there's some good info here for anyone interested in having a concept illustration done.

(Note: in this interview I say I don't design sell sheets, but I've since changed my tune on that!)

Read my recent interview with Mojo Nation!

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